Professional Office Environment Training Courses

Below are the environmental health & safety training courses required for all employees in the Professional Office environment.  Job categories include Faculty Professors, Accountants, Administrators, Human Resources, IT, etc.  Supervisors should ensure all personnel have received training.

Click the links below to start your training session.  You will need to login using your NinerNet credentials.  If you’re having trouble accessing an online course, contact the IT Service desk at 704-687-5500 or

Training Course

Course Description

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New Employee Safety Orientation and/or EHS Orientation Form
(1 Hour)

The New Employee Safety Orientation course will provide an introduction to UNC Charlotte’s EHS program, general compliance requirements and injury prevention resources.

Human Resources
Classroom OR 
Contact EHS:

Building Emergency Evacuation Plans
(30 Minutes

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) require employers to develop emergency evacuation plans and train employees. This self-study course will provide directions for the safe evacuation of University buildings and safe assembly points. Online Module

Back Safety and Injury Prevention
(30 Minutes)

This course will provide information regarding job-specific hazards, safe work practices, and ergonomics.

COURSE ID #: esh_sah_a23_sh_enus
Online Module

Slips, Trips and Falls
(1 Hour)

Slips, trips and falls are the leading cause of injury on UNC Charlotte’s campus. This course will provide employees with the ability to recognize and prevent slip, trip, and fall hazards and to address the key components of ladder safety.

COURSE ID #: esh_sah_b32_sh_enus
Online Module

Please contact the EHS office at ehsoffice, or 704-687-1111,  if you need assistance with scheduling a safety training session for your employees.