Faculty and Staff

All members of and visitors to the University community share the responsibility to provide and maintain a safe working, teaching, and learning environment and to reduce or eliminate known hazards.  As employees, you play a vital role in maintaining and enhancing a safe and healthy environment at UNC Charlotte.  As such, we need your participation with the following: 

  • Review and adhere to all environmental health and safety requirements, policies, training, and instructions.     
  • Seek safety information before performing any new or unfamiliar job task.
  • Wear required personal protective equipment (i.e. closed-toe shoes, gloves, safety goggles) as required by your supervisor or environmental conditions.
  • Report hazards (i.e. frayed electrical cord) to supervisors or EHS Office. 
  • Take action to avoid, eliminate or minimize unsafe behaviors and hazards. 
  • Know first aid procedures; how to obtain treatment, location of first aid kits and operation of emergency equipment (i.e. deluge showers, eyewashes, fire alarms).
  • Report all incidents and injuries to instructors or supervisors.  For serious injuries or a life-threatening emergency, contact Police and Public Safety from campus phone 911 or cell phone 704-687-2200.
  • When questions or concerns arise, ask your supervisor, or call the appropriate university department for additional assistance.

Resources and Links for Faculty and Staff