Walk Like a Penguin

Monday, January 6, 2020
During Winter Weather Environmental Health & Safety Reminds you to: Keep your knees loose; Extend your arms out at your sides; Spread your feet out slightly like a penguin; If walking on icy ground keep your center of gravity on your front foot;

Walk Like a Penguin
With winter weather approaching, Environmental Health and Safety reminds you to walk like a penguin.

  • Walking outside during winter weather can be challenging. Walking like a penguin is an easy way to make sure you stay upright!
  • Remember to keep your knees loose. Extend your arms to the side to keep your balance and lower your center of gravity. Keep your hands out of your pockets at all times to break your fall if you start to slip. Spread your feet out slightly while walking on icy surfaces.

It may look silly to walk like a penguin but remember penguins have a lot of experience walking on ice!