Jeff Campbell, CSP, CSHM

Environmental Health And Safety
Associate Director
EHS FM-Annex 8

I am the Associate Director for Environmental Health & Safety (EHS). In this capacity, I work with the Fire & Life Safety, Laboratory Safety, Research Safety, and Health & Safety Groups. EHS is important to me because at its very core, safety is trying to make sure that everyone at UNC Charlotte is able to go home at the end of their day, in as good or better shape than when they arrived.. By being safe, then we are able to enjoy everyone and everything that we go to work for, such as our families and friends.

I have started with UNC Charlotte in August 2018, but have over 25 years of experience in safety. I started in safety while working for a growing real estate development company. I was able to go to school for safety on the weekends and took classes with my Mom. Safety made for some fun family dinner conversations, at least for my Mom and me!