Van Certification


Becoming an “Approved” Van Driver:               

  • You must have a valid driver’s license and be an employee of UNC Charlotte.  
  • You must review this self-study van certification manual.  
  • You must successfully pass the online van certification test at least 24 hours before taking your road test.
  • Complete the employee section of the van certification authorization form and schedule a time to complete the road test with an authorized van road tester.
  • The authorized van road tester will complete the practice driving section of your van certification authorization form during an on-campus road test.  The EHS Office offers road test driving sessions on the 1st Wednesday of every month in the morning between 8am and 12pm and on the 3rd Wednesday of every month between 1pm and 4pm. Each road test will take approximately 30 minutes. Please contact the EHS Office via email ( or phone (704-687-1111) to schedule a road test.
  • The employee must have the supervisor authorization section completed by their appropriate supervisor and if you are a student employee an Authorizing Vice Chancellor/designee must also sign.   
  • Return the completed authorization form to EHS Office.  

After completing all the steps above, you will be issued a Van Driver Authorization card by the EHS Office.

 To Obtain Van Keys:                    

  • Please contact the Facilities Management Motor Fleet Department (704-687-0596).
  • You must display a Van Driver Authorization card and a valid driver’s license to the Motor Fleet Representative.

University Policy 604.2 "State Owned Vehicles"