Radiation Material Loss Procedure

  1. The usage of Radioactive Material must be controlled at all times to prevent unauthorized use or theft.
  • All locations containing Radioactive Materials must be securely locked when not in use. This includes the locking of laboratory doors, storage containers, etc.
  • Constant surveillance and control must be maintained while Radioactive Material is in use. The Authorized User or designee must be in the laboratory or surrounding area, at all times, where he or she is in position to monitor for unauthorized access.
  • This requirement applies to Radioactive Material in waste and experiments in progress, as well as stock solutions. There is no exempt quantity of radioactive material which eliminates this level of security.
  • Radioactive Material must be stored within designated areas of laboratories in accordance with the Authorized User’s license.
  • All machines that use Radioactive Material sources, such as Gas Chromatographs (if equipped with an Electron Capture Detector - ECD), Liquid Scintillation Counters, and Troxler Soil Moisture Density gauges must be kept secure at all times and if their use/storage locations are changed on campus, the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) must be notified immediately upon transfer. Additionally, if these machines are to be surplused, sold, trasferred or otherwise removed from campus, the RSO must be notified immediately so the proper tracking and recordkeeping can be completed on the RAM sources that are contained in the units. Sources may not be removed from the units without notification of the RSO.
  1. The initial suspicion of loss or theft of Radioactive Material requires the immediate notification of the Environmental Health and Safety Office at 7-1111 or 7-2200. The information needed is:
  • Radioisotope
  • Chemical and physical form
  • Isotope ID# (assigned by the EHSOffice)
  • Quantity (activity)
  • Location from which the Radioactive Material is missing
  • Principal Investigator's name
  • Person reporting the loss/theft
  • Date and time the Radioactive Material was discovered to be missing
  1. The EH&S Office and RSO will determine the extent of hazard presented by the release of the material. Dependent upon the degree of the threat to public health, the EHS Office will contact the University Police, Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs, Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources and the Radiation Safety Committee.
  2. The EHS Office will report the loss or theft of Radioactive Materials to NC Radiation Protection Section in accordance with 15 NCAC 11 rule .1645.
  3. Any loss or suspected theft must be thoroughly investigated and documented. The incident report and supporting documentation will be placed in the radiation safety file for recordkeeping purposes.



Radiation Safety Officer:
Darius Griffin
Office: 704-687-1111
Cell: 704-466-9274

Campus Police:
911 or 7-2200 (If dialing from cell phone: 704-687-2200)