Laboratory Decommission

When a laboratory is being vacated, it is important to follow proper decommissioning procedures to ensure the laboratory is in a safe condition for the next occupant. To accomplish this, the following procedures have been developed to provide guidance to the Principle Investigator in adequately decommissioning the laboratory they are vacating.

Chemical Safety

  1. Inventory all chemicals in the laboratory and ensure Material Safety Data Sheets are available.
  2. Label all chemicals with the appropriate information including name, manufacturer, hazard warnings, and required personal protective equipment.
  3. Cap or seal all containers.
  4. Contact the Laboratory Manager to arrange return of re-usable chemicals to the Stock Room.
  5. Fax Hazardous Waste Disposal form to the EHS office at 704-687-5302.
  6. Segregate chemicals by compatibility.
  7. Decontaminate all surfaces including fume hoods, lab benches, and equipment.
  8. When moving chemicals between locations, use secondary containment pans or drums to hold leaks or spills that can occur during transport.

Radioactive Materials and Radiation Producing Machines

  1. Complete UNC Charlotte RAS Form 7 “Radioactive Waste Disposal Record” and contact Safety Office for removal of waste.
  2. If transferring radioactive materials to another authorized user, complete UNC Charlotte RAS Form 8 “Notification of Transfer of Radioactive Materials” and submit to the EHS Office.
  3. Wipe sample areas of highest potential contamination. If samples are 2 times background, decontaminate the surface and wipe sample again.
  4. Return all film badges and TLD rings to the Safety Office.
  5. Complete and return the following forms:
    a. UNC Charlotte RAS Form 4 “Radiation Survey Report”
    b. UNC Charlotte RAS Form 6 “Radioactive Material Inventory Record”
    c. UNC Charlotte RAS Form 7 “Radioactive Waste Disposal Record”
    d. UNC Charlotte RAS Form 10 “Radiation Producing Machine Utilization Log” (if applicable)

  6. For radiation producing machines, disconnect the power supply, lock and tag the power source.
  7. Do not remove any signage, the Safety Office will remove the signs when the decommissioning is complete and acceptable.

Biological Safety

  1. Dispose of biohazardous waste in the appropriate containers.
  2. Autoclave and decontaminate any glassware or equipment that can be re-used.
  3. Decontaminate work surfaces and equipment appropriately.
  4. Place all broken glassware in a glass disposal box.
  5. Contact Housekeeping for disposal.

Please refer questions to the Environmental Health and Safety Office at extension 704-687-1111.