Building Evacuation Plans

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte building evacuation plan facilitates actions during building workplace emergencies.  The following information provides a standardized process for evacuating a building.  Each employee is required to review this information when initially hired and encouraged annually.  Employees are also encouraged to locate fire alarm pull stations, fire extinguisher and nearest exit route.  

Building Evacuation Plan

1.    If you smell smoke or other unusual odors suggesting a possible fire or conditions favorable for fire, immediately call Police [FROM CAMPUS PHONE: 911 / FROM CELL PHONE: (704) 687-2200].  

2.    Upon discovering a fire, immediately pull building fire alarm pull station to sound the alarm.  

3.    Upon activation of building fire alarm, building occupants should evacuate using the nearest safe exit route.  DO NOT USE ELEVATOR. 

4.   Mobility impaired individuals on upper floors should proceed to the nearest “fire safe” stairwell for assistance by emergency response personnel. Contact Campus Police [FROM CAMPUS PHONE: 911 / FROM CELL PHONE: (704) 687-2200] and provide location for rescue assistance.

5.   Building occupants should evacuate to the designated assembly location at least 25 feet from the building and report your location to your supervisor. 

6.   Each building evacuee shall not re-enter the building until authorized personnel (i.e. Police, Fire Department, Supervisor, etc.) indicate it is safe to re-enter. 

7.   Each building designated assembly location can be reviewed by clicking the building name.

Information on Disablility Services Emergency and Evacuation Planning.

If you are a resident on campus please review the Fire Evacuation Procedures on page 18 of the Resident Handbook.